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How Painful is a Vasectomy?

There is about 5 seconds of minor discomfort, and the same again on the other side. After that – nothing.

It should be like any easy trip to your dentist – and I am not talking root canals here. There has to be a local anaesthetic injection, indeed one on each side. There is about 5 seconds of minor discomfort, and the same again on the other side. After that – nothing.

Some clinics heavily promote ‘No needle’ vasectomy. We tried these, where instead of a needle a very high pressure jet of local anaesthetic is blasted through the skin. Yes, there is no needle, but all too often it does have to be topped up with a needle, which defeats the whole purpose.

Does a No Scalpel Vasectomy hurt?

A tiny bit, for a couple of seconds, while having a local anaesthetic injection on each side. Think of it this way – compared to what women have to put up with it is on a completely different level. Man up!

What is Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome?

This does exist. If a man has unusual pain post vasectomy, there is usually an obvious reason. An infection, an internal bleed. Whatever. No surgery at all exists without possible complications.

With Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome, a man gets a pain that defies explanation. There is usually nothing abnormal to be found on examination. Scans and MRIs are normal, but the pain persists.

Nobody, but nobody, knows what the cause is. It is difficult to estimate how common it is. Some websites (usually American) suggest it happens to up to 50% of men who have vasectomies. This is pure nonsense. Our International Vasectomy Forum estimates the risk to be 1 in 400 vasectomies performed.

There is no definitive treatment and may need referral to a specialised pain clinic.

Thankfully, most times it gradually resolves itself.

What is a Sperm Granuloma?

This is a small lump that occurs after a vasectomy. It is caused by the body reacting to sperm leaking from the cut in the vas and happens 100% of the time with an open ended vasectomy. Three months post op it is about the size of a pea, and a year later about a quarter of that size.

They are nearly always painless, and irrelevant.

If it is painful, which is rare, it can be easily treated by a steroid injection into the lump. If that does not work, the granuloma can be surgically removed.


Are there any Vasectomy Side effects?

Yes, there are, but it is like reading the information leaflet that comes with a pack of Panadol. If you read this you would probably not take the Panadol, but all the things on the list are extremely rare.

Can I Drive Home after a Vasectomy?

Yes, but with exceptions. Get someone to drive you if any of these apply.

While vasectomy is a minor operation with local anaesthetic, some men benefit from being given a sedative. If so, driving is not possible.

If you are squeamish about medical procedures.

If you have ever fainted at the dentist, or at a doctors.

If the operation turns out to be more difficult than expected.

Some of these can be anticipated, others not. For that reason, if you have a willing and able driver to take you home, accept the offer. If not, probably 99% of men can drive home afterwards.

Vasectomy Aftercare

The most important time is the day of the operation and the next day. Minimal physical activity, and good scrotal support sums it up. No bath or shower for those days. No contact sport like football for three weeks.

The single puncture in the skin is tiny. There is no stitch, and the puncture itself has a scab on it by next day. It only needs a loose dry dressing until the following morning. Read more about Vasectomy aftercare and recovery here.