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Vasectomy FAQs

Everything you need to know and more.

How long does a vasectomy take?

Using the no-scalpel, keyhole technique adopted by our team, the procedure takes less than 25 minutes

Will a Vasectomy affect my sex life?

Vasectomy does not alter your hormones, sex drive, ejaculation or orgasm. Most men enjoy the same sex life after their vasectomy. Many couples subsequently enjoy greater sexual freedom without the worry of an unintended pregnancy.

How effective is vasectomy in comparison to other methods of contraception?

How effective is vasectomy in comparison to other methods of contraception?

Vasectomy is the only available contraceptive method exclusively for men other than condoms.

The failure rate of vasectomy is approximately 1 in 2000 which is 99% effectiveness.

Condoms are not very effective for contraception and have a failure rate of 5-10 in 100.

The contraceptive pill has a failure rate of 3-6 in 100 and the coil and tubal ligation have a failure rate of approximately 1 in 1500.

Can I drive home after the procedure?

We advise arranging for someone to drive you home once post-procedure. This will reduce the chance of post-operative complications.

How soon after can I return to work?

2-3 days if your job is particularly physical, but in less physical roles, patients can usually return to work almost immediately.

How soon can I exercise following my vasectomy?

Running and non-contact sports can be resumed within the week however, it is advisable to wear good supporting underwear initially, such as a scrotal support or jock strap.

Contact sports can usually be resumed by the end of the second week.

How much does vasectomy cost?

The fee for a vasectomy is €595.

Is there an extra cost for semen testing following vasectomy?

No this is included in your vasectomy fee and is required to ensure the vasectomy has been effective.

Is vasectomy available to patients with a GMS Card (Medical Card)?

Yes, vasectomy is available at The Bath Avenue and Lakeshore Medical Centres for patients under the General Medical Service (GMS) Medical cards scheme. Please contact the office for eligibility.

What happens if I change my mind?

While it is widely thought that a vasectomy can be reversed, in our experience, it’s really not as straight forward as that. Our advice would be that it’s always easier to defer a vasectomy than regret it in the future.

It may be opportune to consider pre-vasectomy options such as sperm freezing which may facilitate the possibility of IVF pregnancies at a later stage. This is something we are very happy to discuss with you at the initial consultation. Our experience may help patients to navigate their thoughts and emotions around the procedure.

When may I resume sexual intercourse?

Once the site of the keyhole has healed, it is ok to resume sexual relations.  Usually this takes up to 14 days. However, birth control methods should be used until a sperm analysis shows there is no longer semen in the ejaculate.

Is the vasectomy effective immediately?

Semen can remain in the ejaculate for up to ten weeks if there have been 20 ejaculations during that period. A semen analysis is taken at week 16 to ensure there is no semen remaining in the ejaculate. Additional birth control must be used until after the semen analysis confirms semen is no longer present.

Will it hurt?

The procedure is performed with a local anaesthetic. Discomfort after the procedure is minimal. After the operation, there will likely be a little bruising and discomfort for up to three days. This usually resolves without treatment (similar to tooth filling or extraction) and paracetamol or ibuprofen will help.

Sedation and Anaesthesia service available

The options of sedation and anaesthesia are available as additional choices where patients are nervous or apprehensive. Our medical staff will talk you through the options prior to any procedure.

Post Vasectomy Testing

We arrange for your sample to be tested by the clinical embryology team at First Options Fertility. This advanced laboratory specialises in semen analysis and is run by a highly experienced team of clinical embryologists and andrologists. They are leaders in the provision of private post vasectomy semen analysis nationally and you can be fully assured that your sample is comprehensively tested to the highest standards. Results will be returned to you in a timely fashion. All costs associated with your initial post procedure testing are fully included in your fee.

Factors to consider when choosing a Vasectomy consultant

There are four essential factors to consider when choosing a vasectomy provider. We meet all requirements at

  1. Has the provider undergone formal, accredited vasectomy training? The majority of practitioners, including, will be accredited by the Royal College of Physicians, London.

  2. Is the practitioner on the “Specialist Division of the Register” as maintained by the Irish Medical Council? and all registered medical practitioners who have completed specialist training will be listed in the Specialist Division of the Register, which you can check at Likewise, your vasectomy provider should be a fellow of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health at the Royal College of Physicians, London, which indicates their completion of a formal vasectomy training programme.

  3. Is the practitioner enrolled in a formal audit system? Maintained by the Association of Surgeons in Primary Care, this international audit system benchmarks a practitioner’s outcomes against those of other providers. At, we are regularly audited.

  4. Does the practitioner carry out their post procedure sampling with an accredited laboratory service? At, we use First Options Fertility, the only specialist semen analysis laboratory in Ireland. Using First Options we ensure all post procedure testing is performed to the very highest international standards.