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Welcome to, your trusted source for comprehensive information and guidance on vasectomy procedures in Ireland.

At, we understand that making the decision to undergo a vasectomy is a significant choice in your reproductive health journey.

That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with a reliable and informative platform, where you can explore the various aspects of vasectomy, gain insights into the procedure, and find answers to your questions. With a team of experienced healthcare professionals, we strive to empower individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their reproductive options. Whether you’re seeking information about the procedure itself, post-operative care, or simply seeking reassurance and support, is here to guide you every step of the way.

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At a certain time in life, an individual or a couple may want a more permanent family planning solution. For many, vasectomy is the right fit, giving peace of mind and freedom in the next stage of life. 

Vasectomy closes the tube that delivers sperm into the ejaculate. So, post-vasectomy, a man will still have erections and ejaculate, but his semen will no longer contain sperm. Instead, the sperm that is produced will be absorbed back into the body.

Our team performs a no scalpel, keyhole procedure – a minimally invasive technique which while a little uncomfortable, is virtually pain-free and produces almost no bleeding. Bruising and lacerations are reduced with this technique, so recovery is minimal.

Vasectomy is the most effective form of contraception and is the only permanent method of male contraception. It is 99% effective compared to a potential 10% failure rate of condoms and a failure rate of up to 6% with the contraceptive pill. In the main, post-vasectomy pregnancies are due to non-adherence to post-procedure guidelines.

Importantly, vasectomy takes passion-killing or chemical birth control methods off the table, while also preventing unexpected little surprises.

You may have questions – and perhaps concerns – and we hope you can find all the information you need across the site or in the FAQs.

It’s also important that you know about our experience and expertise.

Also, it may be good to know that our principal – Dr. John O’Keeffe – introduced vasectomy into the community in Ireland in the 80s. Back then it was only available in hospitals, and waiting lists were around four years long. When Dr. O’Keeffe and two colleagues persuaded the Department of Health to allow them to deliver vasectomies in a GP’s surgery, they cleared the waiting list in less than three months.

As a team, we deliver a pragmatic, effective, permanent form of birth control which reduces post-procedural bruising and swelling.

Our Partners are delighted to have an exclusive agreement with First Options Fertility who specialise in male fertility testing. In a smooth and efficient process we arrange for your sample to be tested by the clinical scientists at First Options Fertility.

This advanced laboratory is uniquely focused on semen analysis and is run by an experienced team of clinical embryologists and andrologists. They provide the greatest volume of private post vasectomy analysis nationwide. You can be fully assured that your sample is comprehensively tested and results returned to you in a timely fashion.

First Options Fertility participates in the external quality assurance scheme for reproductive science; NEQAS UK National External Quality Assessment Service.
Has membership of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology.
Has over 15 years experience working in the fertility space.

First Options Fertility is located in Gorey, Co. Wexford.

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